So for anyone who has the disease you know that keeping energy is hard. Example I was Diagnosed in July or should I say my testing started in July to see why had bad headaches. Firstly I have had horrible headaches since I was young. Like I almost didn’t go to prom because my head was hurting so bad and Tylenol just wasn’t doing it. So after the CT scan, MRI, and something else….. I don’t remember what it was I think I went to the eye specialist and they looked behind my eyes that confirmed I had IIH. At the time I thought no big deal but after a month it was as if my body caught up with the disease overnight. Like the woman who goes to the doctor for stomach pains and nausea and finds out they are 20 weeks pregnant and all of a sudden look like they will give birth the next day. So now here I am in August 2016 taking seven meds a day, tired all the time, and feeling everything I choose to do kinda like how many spoons does it take to get ready for work. That’s a real question especially when back then I had an hour and a half commute. It was so real so fast and since it’s the invisible disease your telling people how you feel but you look perfectly fine.

First blog post

OK so the best thing has finally happened and I do mean finally it has been eight years I Amber Danielle Greene am engaged to Charles Lorenzo Harper!

I thought this would be the perfect way to start a blog. Everyone I know says I should have a blog although I don’t believe I am that interesting or funny but I guess I will finally find out.

Oh hi I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Amber I’m 26 Newly Engaged and in love. I also work to much like most people trying to make a living and have IIH.

This pass year has truly been a roller coaster I promise to catch you up on how but first I invite you to join my adventurous journey. So here it is “My life with IIH”.