DIY Old to New Planner!


DIY Old to New Planner

Hello Happy Wednesday!

So here we are half way through the year. If you are anything Like my or have ADHD than you know the struggle of staying organized. I was looking through some of my planners and realized that it was done for, but I never used it. WASTED MONEY! So right then I decided I would not have one more wasted planner. Here it is my DIY for reusing the planner you never used lol.

Step 1IMG_3075

Find a old or out dated planner

Step 2IMG_3067

White out the dates

Step 3IMG_3069

Write the correct dates

And that’s it 1,2,3 a new planner

Welcome to my site!

OK so the best thing has finally happened and I do mean finally it has been eight years I Amber Danielle Greene am engaged to Charles Lorenzo Harper!

I thought this would be the perfect way to start a blog. Everyone I know says I should have a blog although I don’t believe I am that interesting or funny but I guess I will finally find out.

Oh hi I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Amber I’m 26 Newly Engaged and in love. I also work to much like most people trying to make a living and have IIH.

This pass year has truly been a roller coaster I promise to catch you up on how but first I invite you to join my adventurous journey. So here it is “My life with IIH”.

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